About me:

Acrylic Pouring Artist. Flow Acrylic Artist. Contemporary Artist.

My name is Victoria Meering, I was born in Hong Kong 1965 to a Scottish-Welsh, and very artistic family. I have been fortunate enough to travel to amazing locations around the world. Now I live in the Camberley area of Surrey, England.
I am largely a self-taught artist and began my art career many years ago whilst working as a full-time Children's Nurse. The work-art balance has now shifted allowing me more time to develop as an artist and produce bespoke artwork for home decor or workplace decor.
I have painted extensively in watercolours developing a loose, free, fluid style that I have adapted into my other favourite medium, abstract acrylic pouring works.
It is the unpredictability of how the acrylic pouring mixtures work in unison or in conflict with each other that resonates so deeply with me. The abstract impressionistic form of artwork is where my passion truly lies, I love the unique results. To me, acrylic pouring is the perfect style for exploring the possible realms of creation. I feel each of my works is a statement, it laughs, flirts, screams and loves me all at the same time without saying a word.
Another love is pencil/tonal artwork where I have produced a couple of portraits that the clients were ecstatic with.
Victoria Meering